Forlan: Tartan should not be abused by atletico fans

Diego Forlán, a former Uruguayan soccer player of Atlético de Madrid, said Tuesday that the “Griezmann theme”, in reference to the songs of the rojiblanca fans towards the Frenchman in the last match against Barcelona, is “difficult” to analyze because they play “in half the passion and the reason ”. Griezmann changed Atlético de Madrid this season for Barcelona and on his first visit to the Wanda Metropolitano with the Barca shirt he was received with songs of ‘Griezmann muérete’ by a sector of the rojiblanca fans. “I don’t agree with what happened. I am a professional player and I dedicated myself to it because I liked what I was doing and because they paid me. Now it is difficult to analyze when there is passion and reason in between. In addition it is also difficult when there is a lot of money involved, ”said Forlán. “Atlético bought it, benefited from its services, sold it and now won money. It’s professional football, but it’s hard to see a player when it’s not with the shirt of his life. The fan has to do and pretend that the player leaves all the best when he is with them, because they are professional players, ”he confessed. The Uruguayan, forward of Atlético de Madrid between 2007 and 2011, gave his opinion about the sporting moment his former team is living, which is six points behind the lead in the Spanish League. After the last game, Simeone said they are in ‘a year of transition.’ “I have spoken with Simeone a few times, but knowing him is not justifying himself or throwing in the towel. What it implies is that in the last three or four years important players have changed, many new players, young people arrived, and in football a transition is needed, ”said Forlán at the As gala awards gala.“ I don’t have doubts that Simeone is going to continue giving the best and being competitive, because it is his way of being and he has proven it. The performance he has given in recent years is very good and it is normal to be required, but the competition and desire to win will continue to be, ”he concluded.

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