Surrey: Barzagli has a positive impact on De Ligt

Maurizio Sarri’s press conference has ended19 minutes ago Gold Ball: Did Ronaldo deserve more respect? Will Dybala win one day? ‘I don’t know who will win, but I hope Ronaldo wins. If this is not the case, I am sorry because he is a player who will always be in the running for the Golden Ball. I hope De Ligt can win it for the youth category and I hope that Dybala will one day be in the running to win it. The individual prizes, however, interest me just 20 minutes ago. Is it one of those games that can create more problems? Is Sassuolo underestimated? ‘The game is very dangerous because we come from a game in which we spent a lot, especially on a nervous level. The Sassuolo has numbers in the tactical expression of the superior game to the points which it then collected in the standings. He has an average of 15 shots per game, 45 touches in the opposing area on the road. The points he has do not correspond to what was shown.

He has a strong young coach, I said it even when I was in England. De Zerbi has great ideas and will become a great mister’22 minutes agoEmre Can must think that he has other strong players nearby? “It all depends on what the players manage to give you about what you ask them and how quickly they adapt. So the considerations can change over the months’23 minutes ago you’re experimenting how to get all three strikers to play together? ‘Since the last week of August we have always had three commitments a week. There is no time for many experiments, I mean real training. Making them play together is problematic, especially due to features. Is it not absolutely simple, then it is clear that in times of need it will be done 24 minutes ago in defense is expected turnover? We see the overall situation, who needs rest. Cuadrado is cool because he rested, Alex Sandro is recovering, I don’t know if he’s ready for 90 minutes. Then we see the situation of the power plants, if there is one of the two that came out worse 25 minutes agoDe Ligt has been growing exponentially for a month, curiously since Barzagli arrived in the staff. Is it a coincidence? It is clear that Barzagli is a resource, because he can teach a great deal from an individual tactical point of view, as well as a collective one. Our defenders can’t work so much in the field, but if they stop to watch a movie for 15 minutes with Barzagli, interesting things can come. That De Ligt had immense quality was quite evident’27 minutes ago. Is there the possibility that Ronaldo remains out for a technical reason and not just for turnover or physics? “Do you fear that the other attackers will be disappointed in being left out?” It is clear that Ronaldo is something different, the players are not all the same. These guys have shown that they can accept the situation and do well. I don’t see a problem from this point of view’28 minutes agoHow are you seeing Emre Can? Is it an option for tomorrow? “It is not on the Champions list, so for matches in the league it is normal to have a chance to play, as has already happened in Lecce.” 29 minutes ago, Cristiano has an obsession with finding the goal? to score always have goal anxiety. It is normal for them to score, they are surprised when two games pass without success. It applies to him and also to the other attackers. It is good that they have it, this gives motivations’30 minutes ago. What point is Cristiano Ronaldo? ‘Cristiano is an immense resource for us. In the last game he did well from the point of view of the resistance, he ran a lot and gave us a defensive hand. It probably has to grow in terms of brilliance. The alternation ahead is normal, we have three world-class players and they are doing very well. Yesterday CR7 did a good workout 32 minutes ago. How are Alex Sandro and Bernardeschi? Alex Sandro did everything with the team yesterday, so from a medical point of view he is fine. It must be understood if the physical condition has suffered or not, but it is available. Bernardeschi is fine, at the moment he is very useful to the team because he guarantees us so much from the defensive point of view. He is asked to grow from the offensive point of view ‘

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