Marcelo: Such a victory can help us win the La liga title

Marcelo: ‘The Leagues are won with victories like today’
Sensations: ‘The Alavés always leaves everything to Madrid. It has been a tough game, but with these games they win the League. Each point is decisive. ‘
Good run: ‘In a League as disputed as this we must always play 100%. We have been very good with blows and cold. I repeat that with matches like that they win the League. ‘
Reaction: ‘Football is in knowing how to react. We knew it was going to be very hard. They came up and we knew how to give it one more march. ‘

Dynamic change: ‘We have the same idea since always. When the result is good it motivates us more, but when the result is bad we have to get the positive. ‘

Ankle: ‘I took a hit and I’m fine. We like to play these games. ‘

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