Conte: Lautaro and Lukaku have improved a lot, Inter are a surprise in Seria A

At the moment the Champions League is archived, for Inter it is time to dive again in the championship. Tomorrow at the Meazza Spal will arrive, topic of today’s press conference that sees as always protagonist at the Suning Training Center Antonio Conte. FcInterNews is on site and reports the words of the coach. Tomorrow comes Spal, what challenge do you expect? ‘Spal uses our own system. There are so many situations that we also do, it’s an organized team with a good idea and a good coach. We will have to pay great attention because what I say will be trivial but after important games from inside or outside like in Prague it is inevitable that a form of fulfillment and relaxation can take place. This must not happen, I would be very disappointed if this happened tomorrow also because in our path there is growth from all points of view and we must give answers. The Spal is a serious, hard obstacle to be faced with maximum concentration and knowing that this race is vital for us. According to Skriniar, Lautaro and Lukaku are vital to the game they play. What work has been done to get to this point? They have grown a lot since the beginning of the season. Before the race with Slavia Prague I said that our team was different from the first leg and that our two strikers were totally different from those disintegrated at San Siro. They worked, they are learning to understand where they stand. They are working hard to take advantage of their features and can do both as the first and second tip. Thanks to them who are working, at the same time it is right to underline that the goal is the final, important part, but there is also a great commitment in the phase of possession and non-possession. As I said, there is still a lot of work and improvement. “When are you planning to get Sensi back? Will there be calculations counting the warnings? “The calculations are that tomorrow’s game is worth three points, this is enough for you to have answers. Tomorrow’s game is the most important game awaiting us, the players know it. I have great respect for Spal, there is nothing in football. We face an organized team, with a game idea, a motivated coach and players who want to stop a moment that is favorable for us. Tomorrow’s training will be the best as it was for Slavia and Torino. For me and the kids tomorrow there must be only the goal to win, we must look at ourselves and put hay in the barn. On Sensi, there will be the medical doctor who will give you clarifications for every race. In Prague I saw an incredible enthusiasm.

REGGIO NELL’EMILIA, ITALY – OCTOBER 20: Romelu Lukaku of FC Internazionale embraces Lautaro Martinez of FC Internazionale during the Serie A match between US Sassuolo and FC Internazionale at Mapei Stadium – Citta del Tricolore on October 20, 2019 in Reggio nell’Emilia, Italy (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

When the step comes when you look at yourself to believe in something big. Has it already arrived? The fact that there is enthusiasm is beyond doubt because whoever plays or does not play has great empathy. This is very important, one breathes a positive air regardless of the difficulties. If I want to take a positive aspect of the difficulties we have had for a month and a half is to have even more cemented our group. In the evident difficulties for absences this is a group that has understood that only by growing together and trusting in the partner can something important and positive be built. This does not mean winning but having created a positive environment is giving us a different awareness than in the past. For the rest we are at a third of the championship, we are doing good things but it is very early to sum up. We look at ourselves, doing the maximum. Then surely there will be a moment in which we will look at each other and if there is something to say we will tell each other. He told us that he would not be afraid of launching Esposito as a holder. Could it be his chance? ‘It is not the fact of having or not trusting and this does not depend on starting from 1 or less. Had I not trusted him I would have been a fool to throw him into the fray on 1-1 on Wednesday knowing we had only one possible result. We are talking about a boy who is a footballer in all respects, of whom I have great respect and trust. He is absolutely not one of the five, he joined the rose of the four strikers we have. I have great consideration for him, having said that I will try to put the best possible education. I’m not going to think about Rome or Barcelona, ​​we start winning tomorrow because if we do we will face Rome with even more enthusiasm. Otherwise it will be halved. We have to ride the wave and stay on the piece. I will make choices based on the moment and many situations knowing very well that Spal will make us work hard. I also say to the fans that tomorrow the match will not be a walk and they will have to support us even more as it has already happened with Verona’.In regard to what was said before in Prague, there is something that has convinced her even more than the “Start of the season, with regards to the growth of the team?” I spoke of team growth, I said we had grown in so many ways. It is inevitable that those who finalize go on the cover but the growth has taken place for the whole team and from all points of view. Whether I say it today after winning an important game is useless. It is important to have said this before the game, we are different from then. What can lead to Prague’s victory at the level of thrust? I believe what we are doing in the league, but also the path in the Champions League has been in the chest . We have always faced the opponent with our heads held high. The fact of being able to bring a situation back into our hands in the Champions League must give us so much enthusiasm. Positive enthusiasm, not that of fools because this makes you miss the job, the detail, that desire to get the three points. We try to channel the positive enthusiasm that must give us awareness to increase this enthusiasm, winning the game and playing it in the right way. With the right desire and determination, especially with the desire in the field to win the game. We have shown against Verona, Turin and Slavia that we have more desire for our opponents. Defensive mechanisms seem to work better. What has changed? ‘We had more time to work on it. We have taken up some concepts and situations to work with, I always say that it should not be forgotten that a new coach has arrived this year. When you play every three days it is difficult to touch the keys. We have resumed work on some aspects of the defensive phase and this has borne fruit, more solidity even from this point of view. “Is there any possibility of seeing Gabigol again in the Nerazzurri?” very clear from this point of view. I like talking about my players. I’m happy for Gabigol but now I don’t consider him a player of mine. It would be disrespectful for my players and for him. FCIN – Is the strong difference in points between the first two and the rest of the opponents surprising? ‘I have always said that we have replaced and the others have worked on already important roses. This is the biggest surprise for us because we have replaced three important players, which no one has done. The others added all. No one sold any important pieces. We have replaced three important elements in the Inter project. This is surprising. There are those who talk about the market but we have however replaced three important pieces that in the light of what they are doing in other teams leaves us happy because we are doing well and they are also doing well. We are expecting an economic return, we hope. We are happy for what is happening, but we think of us. Until now Inter is certainly a nice surprise. For what we did and what others did, as they added and we replaced’.In the final race you switched to 4-3-3 in Prague. Can it be a new solution? Surely when we have to force some situations it can be. We must always understand that even when we force the race we must never lose balance on defense because with three role attackers you become even stronger in attack but at the same time you lose some balance on defense and we must not lose, we must add.

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