Spanish media: Tottenham if the winter window buys Lo Celso in advance

Betis: The winter market, at the expense of Tottenham’s decision with Lo Celso, is one of the details that fans of any football club, and more so in Real Betis, whose performance at the start of the league is not being the one that everything The world waits. The Verdiblanco club may make additions to the winter market, which will be open throughout the month of January 2020. But the amount available to Betis will depend, to a large extent, on the departures and the main one refers to what the Tottenham decides to do with the Argentine Giovani Lo Celso.It is true that Betis has adjusted the maximum of the staff limit spending for the 2019-20 season, estimated at 102 million euros, but there is a remaining amount, some million free to be able to spend. But this figure could be improved if Tottenham decides to buy Lo Celso during the month of January. It must be remembered that the English team incorporated transferred by means of a transfer with obligation to purchase to the midfielder of Rosario, and that to acquire it in property, he has the option of becoming definitively with the services of the Argentine for a more beneficial amount for his coffers in the first month of the new year, but the obligation to sign it once the current season ends.The Tottenham has advantages for its interests if it acquires Lo Celso in the January market, so what is expected in Heliopolis is that the English club gives step with the Argentine international, which is already participating more under the orders of Mauricio Pochettino. The important income would help Betis to face the operations that it deems necessary to improve its workforce this course.In any case, Betis is clear that there will be more exits and entries in the winter market. Players who barely count and have high salaries or projection that is being cut due to lack of minutes will have to find a new team and the club, in addition, it already has other budget items after the setting of the sports salary limit by LaLiga added thanks to commercial and other agreements. In this way, after adjusting in summer, Betis will have available to remodel its workforce.

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