Zidane: ‘Valverde is very good, he is a modern player

Zidane: “Valverde is very good, he is a modern player, he always advances, he always wants the ball …”
Zidane stressed the importance of triumph and the work of all his players against a great rival. He also praised Valverde for his great game and his contribution to the team’s game.

Valverde’s game: “It’s true that I’m happy for him, he’s very good and he’s always shown it, he’s growing, he always advances, he always wants the ball, he’s been key in two goals and I’m happy for him. It’s a job of team and the first part has been phenomenal in every way, we went very well with the ball of our field. “

The Levante game is repeated and the reasons: “We must not compare it with that game and I already said yesterday that we play against the second and there comes a time that puts you in difficulty. It is our mistake but we must accept it but also in the second We also control the game and in fact we put the room in. We know that it will never be easy and that the opponent is not going to put you into trouble that does not exist anymore. It is more worthy of the rival. “

Hazard’s party: “Yes, we need Eden like that and he needed to score, he was happy and we were happy for him and I hope he is the first of many.”

He just wants to convey the positive: “It is what we need and you can do what you want. There are no small teams today and I will be positive, but we know that we can and should improve, I think we were better and everyone contributes and looks “.

The Madrid with which he dreams: “I want more, we are perfectionists and we must do more, we are happy with what we are doing. I think there is no easy game to play always, Granada comes, and there comes a time where they too. Today we can be happy because we are arriving and the pity is that there are many who leave again and we have to accept it. To say something negative. “

The FIFA virus: “As always, it’s not that I worry, today we lose Kroos and Gareth. They’re going to travel to play and that’s what it is, but having Toni here so he can recover here better to stay with us. This we don’t control it. “

The balance that Valverde gives: “He is a slightly modern player, with an important route in attack and defense and he is doing well. I am glad for Fede because he is playing and deserves it.”

Sign this start in the Champions League: “No, it is the reality, and we have an important game against Galatasaray but we will enjoy today if you allow me.”

Modric’s goal: “I’m glad, it’s a great goal and he has this hit. Three or four years ago he scored the same goal in Granada, he must dare more.”

Areola’s game: “You don’t have to tell him anything, he knows he made a mistake but he made a huge game, not to stop because there hasn’t been much but he hasn’t stopped talking to his defense and I’m happy. He is part of the staff and everyone has to contribute. “

Hazard’s improvement: “It is clear that the goal and the assistance will help him, we always need these players. I am happy for him.”

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